My Story, A Few Other Stories, and a Book Review

I started my career as a helper at my sister’s daycare, the Frontenac Club Day Care in Kingston Ontario. I had just graduated from Guelph University and was looking for work at the same time my sister needed help to get her daycare ready for licensing. Before I knew it, I was putting hooks on the newly installed cubbies and greeting the first children enrolled at her newly-renovated centre which opened in 1983.

Around the same time, I applied for funding to start the Integration Programme at the Frontenac Club Day Care and I became the first Resource Teacher to work there. As such, I was responsible for the integration of 4 children with special needs; 2 of the first 4 children had Down Syndrome.  

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Making Transitions Fun

As Early Childhood Educators we have a whole slew of tricks up our sleeve, to help us ease the stress of transitions for both educators and children alike. Whether it be finger puppets, songs and/or lyrical poems; we were looking for something more permanent, to up our waiting game. Insert the ‘Hero’ of this story, a wall mounted Alligator busy board! To illustrate the amount of adoration we have for this piece of $269.99 equipment, I will quote one of my staff, “If we had known then what we know now, I would have donated my own money to the purchase of Ali, Alligator”.

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The Coping Toolbox, a Child Psych Podcast

A podcast hosted by Canadian licensed Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologists Drs. Jennifer Vriend, Laila Din Osmun, and Mary Simmering McDonald, C.Psych. Topics covered include a wide variety of subjects such as coping during COVID-19, dealing with child anxiety, sleep difficulties and parenting issues. Guest speakers include other Child Psychologists and developmental professionals.

Rest Time in Preschool: My Top 7 Tips

How to prepare nap time or quiet time in 7 easy steps starting earlier in the day.

As we all know, some children may have difficulty settling down for naptime. In fact we most often pin point the nap time/ quiet time routine as difficult for them. What if we were to tell you that you can actually start preparing the children for this routine much earlier in the day? Here are some tips for you that was taken from Barb O’Neill at Transforming Challenging Behavior.

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5 Simple Rules

At Keyworth ELC the preschool children created their own set of rules to govern their behaviour when playing with cars. The children and educator sat together and discussed how they could safely play with the cars together. The children came up with a set of rules that the educator wrote down in their exact words. This exercise allowed for the children to take responsibility and create their own boundaries. This empowered them to make safe choices, gave them the tools to regulate their own behaviour and the confidence to explore within the rules they made.

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