Read to Kids to Promote Language Development!

To stimulate your child’s language, read books and tell stories to your kids. Foster a love for reading by including books and storytelling in your daily routine, every single day!

1. Promote language by reading books to your child

Reading is one of the best activities that you can do with children of any age. Reading books and talking about them helps children develop language skills. 

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Setting Up Individual Bins

The social distancing and restrictions, based on public health regulations, that have been necessary in the past year have forced educators to rethink the way children play. Creating individual bins that children can use independently is a great way to meet children’s interests and needs all while allowing for easy clean up and avoid sharing of certain materials.

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Beyond the Book Story Kits

Book: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on The Bed, by Eileen Christelow

This is a board book with beautiful illustrations with pastel colors. This book tells the story of a classic childhood nursery rhyme that can be sang or read. The book is an engaging story of five little monkeys who go through their bedtime routine and decide to jump on the bed.

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Fostering Language Development During COVID in Early Childhood Settings – The Hanen Centre

Quality interactions are key for encouraging children’s language development. But with public health measures like masks and physical distancing, how can early childhood professionals ensure that they’re still maintaining that quality? Janice Greenberg, Early Childhood Services Director at The Hanen Centre, explains how educators can still apply evidence-based practices within pandemic restrictions. Speech-language pathologists, early interventionists and other Early Years professionals can also make use of these strategies in their work with children.