Encouraging Independence Through Visual Systems

I have been an educator for over 10 years and I believe children learn best when being taught new skills with a hands-on approach. A reoccurring question I have asked myself during my years as an educator is, “how can I best help children to become more independent?”

I have worked with a variety of age groups and at each stage of the children’s development fostering independence is a critical part of the job of an educator. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with many other professionals who also held the same belief and attended many workshops that have inspired me and taught me new techniques to use in my programs.

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From the CISS Equipment Library: The Benefits of Cause and Effect toys

One of the ways your Resource Consultant can support your program is by providing adaptive equipment to support inclusion. Cause and Effect toys are commonly used to support children during group and play activities. Playtime can be challenging for children who have limited play and social skills. During group time, switch toys (toys that have been adapted with a larger switch to make activating the toy easier for children with physical limitations) can help some children to participate to their full potential.

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Conversations with Alanis Morissette 
Episode 19

In this episode, Alanis talks with Gordon Neufeld about developmental psychology,
the power to parent, and the value in staying connected with our children
as they get older.
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New Iris the Dragon Book

We know that this COVID-experience has impacted children and families in different ways and has brought with it lots of emotions and feelings – that is why AFCS was happy to collaborate with Iris the Dragon, Project: Kid’s Be Superheroes – as they wrote an eBook specifically to support conversations about COVID.

It is available as a free download at: https://www.iristhedragon.com/bookstore.html

Would you prefer to borrow a paper copy from our resource library?
Contact us at ciss-sije@afchildrensservices.ca

Watch an interview with Tara Matte, CISS Director and Jessica Grass, COO for Iris the Dragon as they discuss the new book and the impact COVID-19 has had on children.

Annavale Headstart Working During a Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed childcare and schools back in March, we could not have understood the scope of what the following months would bring. The decision to reopen the economy, thrust RECE’s and childcare staff onto the frontlines, and childcare centers needed to make hard decisions about reopening their programs. Childcare professionals needed to return to work safely, and still provide nurturing, joyful, healthy and high quality environments to welcome children during a time that was confusing and wrought with fear and uncertainty. Annavale Headstart was no exception, and the reopening process was undertaken with caution, care and teamwork. One thing was certain, the team approached the decision to reopen with pride, determination and with a solution focused mindset, so that our families and children would be supported.

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