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Ask a Behaviour Consultant

Q. How can I support a 7-year-old child who is rude not only to me but to the other children in the group? This child calls his peers, ugly, fat, poopy pants and knucklehead; he does this when he is being playful and when he gets angry. When I ask him to tidy up, he often says, “no way poopy pants,” and then he laughs and runs away. When I’m serving snack, he will say, “you are a poopy pants,” which gets all the children laughing. I’m feeling frustrated and I’m not sure what to do.

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Big Feelings Come and Go Storybook

This storybook teaches kids about freeze, flight and fight and helps them learn some basic self-regulation skills. Understanding freeze, flight and fight can allow for new conversations about how your child feels and what to do to help them manage their big feelings.

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Heavy Work

Heavy work helps to calm or alert the body by stimulating the proprioceptive system. Implementing Heavy Work can decrease challenging behaviours and help the child take initiative by learning what works well for them.  Heavy Work is any activity that pushes and pulls the body and places pressure on joints and muscles giving the child input and awareness of where their body begins and ends.

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