CISS Doll Kit Makeovers

Did you know CISS has doll kits available to borrow and share in your program? The kits include information on specific disabilities including: articles, children’s books, videos and tips sheets, as well as, a fantastic doll with accessories for the children to play with and enjoy.

Our dolls have undergone a much-needed update this year while we worked more from home due to the pandemic and have received some makeovers to bring them out of the 80’s. Check out their before and after photos. One of our resource consultants, Caitlyn Murray-Ford used her seamstress skills to make new clothes for the English dolls! She really enjoyed this project, sewing them new clothes and hopes you get a smile from their new looks! We also took this time to review all information as well as add new books and content to our kits.

CISS has doll kits to support understanding of:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder – Lin
  • Cerebral Palsy – Kofi
  • Down Syndrome – Gabriella
  • Hearing Impairments – Luke
  • Medical Needs – Raj
  • Spina Bifida – Riley
  • Visual Impairments – Sarah

Here is a one-page sheet with all our doll kits for you to reference to.

*For more information and to borrow please contact your Resource Consultant or the training and Resource Coordinator at