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Changing Times

AFCS-CISSSpring was a time of new beginnings for the CISS team. A change in the program name to Children’s Inclusion Support Services and a new manager were among the changes for this busy team.

As the new CISS manager, I would like to briefly introduce myself and to extend a thank you for the warm welcome along with an invitation to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions about our program. Continue reading

In Conversation with Moira D’Aoust

Moira.jpgMoira D’Aoust has spent her career leading the cause for inclusive access to licensed childcare for children with special needs in the region of Ottawa. Moira’s authentic belief that all children belong in and have the right to quality childcare has positioned her to be a leader not only in the city of Ottawa but as a visionary throughout the province of Ontario. As she prepares to leave Children’s Integration Support Services (CISS), she met with some of her colleagues over a pot of tea and baked goodies to highlight stories of her journey’s challenges and successes as well as her dreams for the future.

Q. Before CISS started 25 years ago, what supports and programs were available for parents in the community? Continue reading

Making Outdoor Play a Positive Learning Experience for all Children

The role of the educator is to set the stage to support all children in their learning. There are different approaches and ways to teach skills and facilitate outdoor play in order to create a positive and meaningful experience. There are many benefits in planning outdoor play such as:

  • snow-tree-imageAllowing time to explore while practicing gross motor skills.
  • Providing a way to release high energy levels.
  • Creating opportunities to build independence, confidence and a sense of belonging.
  • Supporting the development of creativity and imagination.
  • Allowing opportunities for cooperative play, the development of play and social skills.

Continue reading

A Leading Force of Inclusion

Wordle South TeamIn 1991 when Children’s Integration Support Services was formed, a unique role was created to support licensed child care programs with the integration of children with special needs. That role was then known as Integration Advisor.

The Integration Advisor’s primary role was to demonstrate to programs that a child is a child first, and that a child with a special need can integrate well into a community program when there is a strong partnership between the family, program, and community partners. Today Integration Advisors are known in the community as Resource Consultants.  Continue reading

Jeremy an Accomplished Athlete

JeremyPWe are a family of four which consist of myself, Annik, my husband, our oldest son Jeremy who is thirteen, and our youngest son Bryce who is eight. Jeremy was born on October 1, 2002. We were the happiest parents in the world. Jeremy was reaching all of his milestones except for language until the age of one. I was concerned as he was getting frustrated and upset as he couldn’t communicate with us. I went to the doctor who referred us to First Words. Within a year, I received a call at work and that’s when it all began.

Jeremy was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the fall of 2005. I will never forget the day when my husband and I got the diagnosis from the assessment at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC). Our world went spinning that afternoon knowing our child has ASD. It was hard at the beginning as we did not have much information and questioned what the future held for a child with ASD. OCTC was a big help for us as they guided us in the right direction. Continue reading