Communication Strategies at Centre éducatif Cœur des Jeunes

Communication is key to a successful early learning and care environment. Le centre éducatif Cœur des Jeunes has recently leveraged some communication strategies such as emails, ClassDojo, DigibotGo, Zoom virtual meetings and in-person meetings.

Before March 2020, verbal communication was ever-present in our daily practice at Coeur des Jeunes when parents had access to their child’s classes and premises. The centre’s staff and educators were then able to communicate in person. Obviously, daily face-to-face verbal communication is by far the best means of communication and contact with parents when it comes to sharing their child’s daily routines and development. However, the unusual circumstances we are facing since the beginning of 2020 require the use of other methods.

During the pandemic, all means of communication were permitted and much useful in order to share our protocols, health and safety policies and operational guidelines which have been modified several times. A variety of means were used to reinforce communication with the parents, especially in these particular circumstances during which parents unfortunately do not have access to our centre. We used the Zoom platform to provide training to our parents at Coeur des Jeunes and videos to introduce them to their child’s educators. Parents are invited to ClassDojo and DigibotGo in order to learn about their child’s daily routines.

Since we understood the parents’ frustration, shared their concerns and had great empathy, we decided to implement other strategies to better reassure the parents and answer their questions. We organized a monthly virtual meeting with the parents where each of them is allocated 5 minutes with their child’s educator.

Daily quality communication is the essential step to ensure successful collaboration between all our partners and families. It allows us to express our expectations, our needs and those of the parents and to establish a bond of trust between them and our staff members. These strategies are conducive to the establishment of a collaborative relationship based on authentic transparent communication with all Cœur des Jeunes educators.

Centre éducatif Cœur des Jeunes
Johanne Lafleur – Executive Director