Outside The Box

Today we travelled to the outside of the box looking for a new and creative art project for the children to create with. While trying to fall asleep last night I thought of a unique idea, I said to myself “I wonder what we could do if I flipped a table upside down and wrapped saran wrap around the legs and then painted on it.” I guess you could say I took the saying “outside the box” quite literally.

Upon setup, the children quickly became inquisitive and were thrilled to use their imaginations to create a mosaic of colour on the saran wrap. They chatted amongst themselves about their creations and shared their colours. The younger children enjoyed brushing different colours on the saran, while the older ones drew images and explained what they were painting.

This wonderful activity had the children busy for a long period of time and drew out lots of curious conversations such as; how to display the art, how to take it home, or how we could use the table like this and would it dry.

We left the masterpiece to dry for a few hours and will try to display this on one of our windows.

Tracy Lucking
Edgewood Child Care Centre