Book Review: The Name I Call Myself

This is a story of Ari’s journey with their gender identity in chronological order from ages 6-18. We see Ari as a child who has short hair because their dad says “this is what a boy looks like,” even though they would prefer long hair. As Ari grows, they are more interested in dresses than hockey and wish for a different name other than the one they were given at birth. In adolescence we see Ari struggle with self-acceptance and a sense of belonging as they are challenged with the changes in their body and have their first crush. At eighteen, they tell their parents the name in their heart and can finally be themselves.

This a great book to support children who feel as if they don’t belong or their gender identity may not match their gender assigned at birth. This book introduces the topic of gender as non-binary through Ari’s journey of self-acceptance and resiliency. I recommend this book for ages 8-12 as some content might be triggering and is meant for a more mature age group. You may wish to review the content prior to reading the book with a child.

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For more information and support: CHEO and Crossroads.

Kai Foster, RECE, BSW, MSW
CISS Resource Consultant