Who’s That?

This is a game using real photos of staff with and without their masks. During the pandemic, the children faced many changes on a daily basis as everyone around them was wearing masks. Child porters would escort the children in and out of the building as parents were not allowed in. So many faces…some new, some familiar but all of them hidden behind a mask. I wanted the children to be comfortable with the many changes that were happening due to Covid.

I decided to take photos of the educators, staff and supply educators with and without their masks. I put both photos of each person back to back and laminated them (their first name was also written on the photo without the mask). I made a game out of it. The children would look at the photo of the person with a mask and try to guess their name. We had a lot of fun with it. We learned many new names, became so good at recognizing the people behind the blue masks and any hesitation we had when it came to interacting with someone wearing a mask dissipated.

Corinne (Coco) Pendéliou RECE
Part Time Toddler Program
Canadian Mothercraft