When Aidan Became a Big Brother by Kyle Lukoff

This is a hard cover book that describes the journey of Aidan and his gender identity as he prepares to become a big brother. When Aidan was born everyone thought that he was a girl but as he grew older he did not feel like a girl. When Aidan finds out that he is going to be a big brother, he does not want the baby to feel the way he did when he was young. With his family’s support, Aidan does everything he can to create an environment for his new sibling that does not assume the baby’s gender. They choose gender neutral paint, clothing and baby names.  During his journey of becoming a big brother, Aidan describes his feelings and experiences as a child who is transgender.

This is a wonderful book to introduce the topic of gender identity and becoming a sibling.  It could support any child who at times may not feel like they belong, are seen differently by others than how they see themselves or worry that they may make mistakes. This book is suitable for children ages 4-8.

Kai Foster (they/them), RECE, BSW, MSW
Resource Consultant 
Children’s Inclusion Support Services