From the CISS Equipment Library: Activities to Promote Fine Motor Skill

As resource consultants, one of the supports we can provide to programs is equipment for development of motor skills. We have a large selection of toys and activities to lend to programs to support the development of individual fine motor abilities. Sometimes lagging skills are identified by your team of educators or a specific skill may be targeted by a consulting Occupational Therapist. Below are examples of some common areas for development and supporting activities.

The benefits of preschool fine motor development:

Fine motor skills involve the use of the small muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb. They help children perform important tasks like feeding themselves, grasping toys, buttoning and zipping clothes, writing, drawing, and more. The ability to complete self-care and everyday tasks helps a child’s self-esteem and confidence to increase.

Hand and finger strength – Activities that require the child to use strength to push together and pull apart is a precursor to scissor skills

Pincer Grasp – Activities that require use of thumb and index finger for precise placement is a precursor to printing skills and self-help skills

Hand eye coordination – Toys that support visual perception and targeting

For more information and to borrow toys please contact your CISS Resource Consultant.