From the CISS Equipment Library: The Benefits of Fidget Tools

One of the ways your Resource Consultant can support your program, is by providing adaptive equipment to support inclusion. Fidget tools are commonly used items to support children during transitions, group time or times of waiting. Transitions are hard for all children and can be especially challenging for children who may have trouble staying still, have a limited ability to wait, or difficulties changing from one activity to another. They may also have challenges processing sensory input and require tools to support self-regulation.

Why use Fidget Tools?

We all fidget whether we are shaking our legs, tapping the table with our fingers, or chewing the end of a pen. Fidget tools are used to support children at times that may be more challenging such as times of waiting, group time, transitions or non- preferred activities. Fidget tools can also help provide sensory input for children who need to move or calm their bodies and support self-regulation.

The Benefits:

  • Improve concentration
  • Can use a variety of classroom items i.e. small books, cars, figurines, etc.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Promotes inclusion during group time, lunch time, transitions, etc.
  • Increases independence
  • Allows movement for children who have trouble staying still
  • Provides sensory input and self-regulation
  • Strengthens fine motor skills

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