Create durable reusable easy to clean sensory bags for all ages using FREE wine bags!

Follow 3 simple steps.

Step # 1 – Call ahead to any wine making supply store and ask them to set aside some used wine bags with their lids. They come in two sizes, small and large.

Step # 2 – Clean the wine bags using soap and water then hang the bags upside down with the lid off for a few days or until dry.

Step # 3 – Fill them with desired materials and offer them to the children to explore!

Example # 1 – Seek and Find Sensory Bag Filled with Colored Sand

I used enough blue and green colored sand to fill a small wine bag ¼ full. Then I placed two packs of squishy animals and 1 pack of fall wooden medallions into the bag.

As I offered the bag to each individual child, I shook it and asked the child to find the hidden treasures within the bag by only touching the outside.

Example # 2 – Turn Me on and Watch Me Sparkle Sensory Bag

This small sensory bag was filled with two sets of LED battery operated string lights, 4 small packages of plastic gems and 2 bags of squishy animals to add a squishy element.

For easy access, I taped the battery pack and switches to the back of the bag so the children could access the switches themselves. To close the lid, I taped the lid on using electrical tape. This way the tape can be easily removed when the lights are put away so the bag can be refilled with something new.

More Ideas for sensory bags

  • Create search and find bags by using foam alphabet letters, numbers, small plastic animals, wooden shapes or medallions.
  • Use natural materials such as; leaves, acorns, shells, etc.
  • Add weight by using; water, sand, stones, playdough, etc.
  • Add texture by using LED lights, oil, paint, beads, sparkles, buttons, marbles, gems, feathers, cotton balls, etc.
  • Try science experiments:
    • Sink and float activities
    • Mixing paint or food coloring to create new colors
    • Place ice cubes inside of the bag and experiment with the children to see what makes them melt faster

Other examples: