The Canadian Kids’ Guide to Outdoor Fun

If a person can be in love with a book, then I’m in love with The Canadian Kids’ Guide to Outdoor Fun. It reminds me of my childhood, of summers spent building forts, creating a kids’ only clubhouse, lots of nature hikes, inviting neighbours over to watch a play, doing science experiments, playing games and outdoor cooking. The book also has many modern twists on “how to”. For example, how to preserve a spiderweb, how to stay safe in the woods, how to whistle on a blade of grass and how to make a watermelon pizza.

The book is broken up into 4 sections: Get out there, Make a splash, Time to play and Around the campfire. It is truly Canadian. It is written for children and adults. It is 100% learning about nature through 100% fun activities.

I think every school age childcare program should own this book. An educator would be able to program their entire summer and early fall, and they would never have to be inside. Actually, you might love spending time outside so much that you will find ways to be outdoors during winter and spring. Can you imagine that?

This book excites me so much that I would like to borrow my friend’s children and spend the summer outside playing with them (when the coast is clear of Covid19 of course).

Find this book in the CISS Resource Library RBE 642.

Pina Giovannitti, RECE, BA Psych, BST, FNS Practitioner
CISS Behaviour Consultant