From the CISS Equipment Library: The Benefits of Adaptive Seating

As resource consultants, one of the supports that we provide to programs is equipment for inclusion in the classroom. Some of our most commonly used items are alternative seating options for circle and group time activities. Group time can be challenging for children who may have trouble staying still, difficulties concentrating, or limited ability to wait. They may also have challenges processing sensory input such as the classroom noise level or the proximity of others.

Why use flexible seating?

“There’s a lot research showing a correlation between the subtle movements that flexible seating allows and an increase in student focus and engagement. It makes classrooms more accessible for students, increases student engagement, and opens the room to a variety of learning styles.”

The Benefits:

•    Provides support to children whose bodies may tire more easily

•    Clearly defines a child’s personal space

•    Allows movement for children who have trouble staying still

•    Provides sensory input and deep pressure for calming and self-regulation

•    Provides children with flexibility and choice

Available in the equipment Library:

For more information please connect with your CISS Resource Consultant.

Where to Buy:
Scholar’s Choice – (In store and online)
Tag Along Toys – (In store and online)
FDMT Canada – (Online)