Toilet Training


While we are all spending more time at home, the timing is right to learn and practice a new skill, such as using the toilet. Before getting started, there are some preliminary developmental skills that need to be in place, in order to ensure a positive experience.

Here is a quick list:

The child..

  • Is dry for at least 2 hours while wearing a diaper
  • Participates actively in the diaper change routine (i.e.: pulls pants down, takes the pull-up off and discards it, pulls pants up, etc.)
  • Notices that the diaper is soiled and informs the caregiver
  • Demonstrates interest in the potty; sits on it independently
  • Follows a one step direction (with or without support)

Note that children reach these developmental milestones at their own pace and that it is important to pace this according to  their readiness and interest.

The following links support you in undertaking this in a positive way:

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