Activity Ideas



Outdoor activities:

  • Pack up your lunch and have a picnic outside!
  • Explore nature items i.e. sticks, rocks, leaves, etc. Collect the items, paint them, use them for sensory exploration or make open-ended craft creations.
  • Sensory Walk.jpgFeel with your feet! Use differently textured items to create your own sensory walking path. Use fallen logs, wet grass, smooth stones, piles of sand, crushed ice, etc. This activity can also be done inside using various household items.
  • Make a volcano:volcano.jpg
    • a plastic cup
    • 4-5 tbs of baking soda.
    • 1 tsp of dish soap.
    • 1 cup of vinegar
    • Optional: Add a few drops of food colouring or ½ oz to 2 oz of washable paint to the vinegar.
  • Draw with sidewalk
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Play with water beads and cups.
  • Sink and float activities in water. Use a small bin of water and see which items float to the top or sink to the bottom. This can also be done with items found in nature.
  • Jump in puddles!
  • Clean mud.jpgMake Clean Mud with the kids— this can be both indoors and outdoors.
    1. Combine 1 cup of soap flakes or a grated bar of soap and 2 cups of warm water.
    2. Rip up ½ a roll of toilet paper and add it to the soap and water mixture. Continue to add toilet paper until you get the desired texture.
  • Collect small rocks and make rock people by adding googly eyes and string for hair, etc.
  • Treasure Hunt: Make coloured ice cubes by adding food colouring to water and placing it into the freezer. Once frozen, take the ice cubes and hide them around the yard. Tell your child you are going on a treasure hunt and have them look around the yard for the different ice cubes.Paint on ice.jpg
  • Paint on ice! Find ice that is still frozen in your yard or paint your own giant ice cube! This can be done outside or indoors by freezing ice on a cookie sheet or in a bowl.
  • Make sidewalk chalk paint— a great way to use left-over chalk ends.
  • Collect leaves, flowers, rocks, and sticks. Lay the items on blank paper to create works of art. Add markings using pens, markers or crayons and see what you can make!


Going for a walk:

  • walk.jpgI Spy With My Little Eye game: The adult can start by saying, “I spy with my little eye, something ____”. Then the child guesses what it is. Both adults and children can take turns being the clue giver and the guesser.
  • Collect nature items and bring them home for further exploration or crafts.
  • Where will we end up? A walking game: Allow the child to choose which directions you will go i.e. keep going straight, right or left. For younger children, try “this way or that way” with pointing.
  • lights.jpgRed Light, Green Light game: Red means stop. Yellow means slow down. And green means GO!
  • What can we find? game: Before you start your walk, ask your child to find specific items e.g. 5 stop signs, 3 green cars, 3 greenhouses, etc.
  • Follow the Leader game: Take turns with your child to choose how you will walk down the street i.e. skip, hop, animal walks, walking backwards, 10 big steps, 10 small steps, don’t step on the crack, jump over the cracks,


Movement while indoors:

  • Fort.jpgCreate a fort with blankets, cushions and household items.
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Hide preferred toys or items and have your child find them.
  • Ripping paper or flyers
  • Use large boxes to make a fort or another creation.
  • Pillow fight or pillow play!
  • Create an indoor obstacle course. You can use cushions, chairs, blankets, empty boxes, ribbon, baskets, etc.
  • Sweeping or washing tables
  • Balloon.jpgDancing with scarves: Find scarves around the house, turn on the music (nursery rhymes, classical, or Carnival of Animals). Call out how your child should move e.g. move fast, slow, walking speed, running speed, up high or down low.
  • Balloon volley ball or badminton
  • Use tape to make different lines, grids, or patterns on the floorfor fun movement games.
  • Musical Chairs game
  • Toss bean bags, rolled up socks or pillows into a basket. You can also make homemade beanbags using old socks.bean bag.jpg
  • Go skating on paper plates: Put paper plates under each foot and glide. Or go on all fours and glide with your hands and knees.
  • Animal Walks: Pretend you are different animals and walk like a bear, crab or elephant, etc.
  • Shake Your Sillies Out!
  • Dance to action songs by The Learning Station
  • Yoga and stretching