Tips for Working Well as a Team

From our experience at Kanata Research Park Family Centre

  • Begin any new colleague relationship in an open way; find out what your teammates’ communication styles are, and ask questions to fully understand how best to communicate with each other. Devise a communication plan that works for the team as a whole.

  • Work together to identify individual roles and responsibilities. What does each person bring to the team? What is important to you as individuals and as a whole? Discuss these roles together and make adjustments wherever necessary. Ensure that each member fully understands their role within the team. Remember that adjustments can always be made after reflection and discussion; if something isn’t working well for you, let your colleagues know!
  • Keep dialogue open. This is the key to any successful relationship, and especially within a team. Express concerns, share ideas, celebrate successes and acknowledge each other’s strengths and differences.
  • Consider individual communication styles when approaching a challenging topic of discussion, and adjust your approach accordingly. Consider timing, setting and context in which to bring up the topic for discussion so that both parties can feel comfortable to share openly.

Kanata Research Park Family Center