Name:               Ceilidh Caverly RECE, DSW
Position:           Resource Consultant

How long have you worked for CISS/AFCS?
9 years with CISS and 11 years with AFCS

Why did you choose this field?
I have a cousin who has Cerebral Palsy. During her childhood (in the 80’s) there was a lack of supports for her and her family. Seeing her struggle to get support gave me a passion to work with children of all abilities, to help them achieve their best and get the supports they rightfully deserve.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
That everyday is different and things can change from 1 minute to the next. Also, meeting new children and families. Feeling like I make a difference in the lives of children.

What is your hobby?
Skiing, swimming and playing with my 2 amazing boys.

What does inclusion mean to you?
Everyone being together and having the ability to do their best with supports for everyone.

What is your biggest challenge?
Trying not to fix everyone’s problems.

Do you have a pet?
Yes, Rogan is a 12 year old black/lab beagle mix. He loves to lie in the sun and under blankets.