Just Take a Bite – Easy, Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges!

JustTakeABiteMany parents and child care providers have struggled during meal times. Unfortunately, some of us dread meal times on a daily basis. This may be due to a child’s aversion to specific foods; sensory and/or motor based eating challenges, behavioural implications and many more factors. Parents and child care providers can feel overwhelmed, pressured and at a loss on what to do. Our cultural roadblocks, expectations and lack of awareness on various potential reasons for such eating difficulties can create negative meal time environments which further strengthen its history.

Just Take a Bite is a practical book dedicated to help support families and child care professionals who struggle during meal times due to “resistant eaters”. This book first focuses on “resistant eaters” characteristics, children’s oral-motor development, environmental and behavioral factors, cultural roadblocks, sensory integration relationship with food and much more important content. This allows the reader to identify which factors may be contributing to the child’s eating challenges. Afterwards, the authors guide the reader on selecting, designing and implementing a comprehensive treatment plan.

I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling during meal times. It has a variety of information on many different children’s profiles, provides many different scenarios, assessment tools, simple & effective strategies and practical recommendations. Happy reading!

Find it in the CISS Resource Library here.

Alexandra St-Jean, RECE, BA
Behaviour Consultant
Children’s Inclusion Support Services