An All About Me Class Book

Page3_E.jpgAt Manotick Cooperative Nursery School, inclusion is an important part of our classroom. At the beginning of the school year we have activities to include the children and their families in the school. Every child takes home a blank piece of paper to create a unique piece of art to put up on display. The activity is special and unique to each child. One year we did a fish art with the saying… We May All Be Different Fish, But in This School We Swim Together! 

We also created a ‘special class book’ for each program with the help of our families. Each family was sent a letter and a template (see below)  to guide them in creating a lovely profile about their child/children. Each program then developed a book which throughout the year found its way to each family’s home for a visit. Through this book, children were then able to talk to their families about their friends and to explore what makes each of them special.

View the book and the letter sent to families

Amanda Rocque, RECE
Manotick Cooperative Nursery School