Choosing Naia – A Family’s Journey

choosingNaia2.jpgThis is a beautifully written book about a family’s most difficult choice during pregnancy. Choosing Naia is a very detailed account of a family’s choice to continue their pregnancy when they are faced with uncertainty. Not only is Naia’s story explained with fear, excitement, and love but many facts about Down Syndrome and the true love it can bring you are shared throughout this read.

Many other topics such as interracial marriages, faith, abortion and discrimination are openly discussed. This book reinforced to me that every family has their own journey and as a professional I can help and support them as a guide on their new journey of life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an informative read regarding Down Syndrome. Don’t forget your Kleenex.

Find it in the CISS Resource Library here.


Ceilidh Ceverly, RECE
Resource Consultant
Children’s Inclusion Support Services