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When Communication Problems Cause Frustration

At times, many children show frustration when they are learning language. Children with speech and/or language delays may find it especially challenging to express ideas, share information, recount an event or retell a story. These tips will help you help your child communicate with others and deal with frustration successfully.

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39 fun ways kids can play outside this spring´┐╝

The sun is getting warmer, birds are singing, and my children are shedding their winter gear all over our backyard. Spring is in the air! After the long sleep of winter, nature is filled with a flutter of activity and new energy. Trees are exploding with blooms, insects are buzzing, and critters are busy building nests. The kids are full of energy too! Thankfully, spring offers many simple, easy, and fun outdoor activities for children to get their wiggles out. On that note, here are 39 free and easy activities you can do outside with your kids this spring:

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The Coping Toolbox, a Child Psych Podcast

A podcast hosted by Canadian licensed Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologists Drs. Jennifer Vriend, Laila Din Osmun, and Mary Simmering McDonald, C.Psych. Topics covered include a wide variety of subjects such as coping during COVID-19, dealing with child anxiety, sleep difficulties and parenting issues. Guest speakers include other Child Psychologists and developmental professionals.