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Safe and Secure Relationships

Photo1_BC.jpgSafe and Secure relationships are the result of adults and children engaging in successful exchanges of bonding and attachment behaviour. Adults are responsible for initiating opportunities for bonding through responsive caregiving. Children become receptive to attachment through their engagement with the responsive adult. Creating Safe and Secure relationships in Early Learning environments results in children, who are confident and curious to learn, are more able to problem solve and have increased levels of frustration tolerance.  Safe and Secure relationships are essential and the foundation in reducing behavioural challenges. Continue reading

Share and Take Turns

Share_book.jpgA resource for parents and children to promote positive social interactions. This book is written from the child’s perspective in simple sentences for children to understand. Multicultural pictures show every day preschool and school age activities where sharing and taking turns is common. It includes what ways can we share, and what we can say and do if we don’t want to share. Continue reading