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A letter from CISS Director:

Letter - Child Care Partner - June 2020Dear Child Care Partner,

As you prepare to re-open your program, CISS is here to support you. We were pleased to note that the Child Care Reopening Guide (page 7) excluded Special Needs support staff from the cohort maximums. This will allow for the possibility of re-integrating children with special needs as part of the first group back while ratios and numbers are lower.


Communication: The Best Strategy to Head Back to Daycare with (almost) no Tears

ZPN0013 fwds First Words logo redesign v06Preparing for the new “post-pandemic” return will be a challenge for all of us, kids and grownups included.  Imagine for a second the additional challenge it poses for a preschool child learning English as a second language or presenting with a speech and language delay. Help preschoolers better understand the new routine, respect the physical distancing measures and, facilitate this transition by adopting key communication strategies:

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Social Stories for Going back to Childcare or School

As parents and educators, you might be wondering “How can I support and prepare my child or the children in my program to go back to childcare or school in a COVID-19 climate?”. A social story could be used to teach and familiarize children with new routines and expectations which could reduce anxiety and help keep everyone safe and healthy while at childcare or school. Continue reading

SUMMER CHATTING: This summer, start talking and get children ready to succeed!

First words 2020

By Roxane Bélanger, M.O.A., SLP-C, Reg. CALSPO
Speech Language Pathologist, First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program of Ottawa and Renfrew County

We know this: language is the greatest predictor of a child’s success later at school and in life. Children with strong language skills do better with reading. At First Words, one of our key message for parents and educators this summer is to: “Talk to your child. All day. Every day” in order to help children’s language soar. With little set-up, these language activities can help you grow children’s speech and language skills – and get them ready for daycare, school or any post-pandemic routine!

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From the CISS Resource Library – Chewies

CISS has many varieties of Chewies to support children who find chewing calming to their bodies or decreases anxiety. The sensory need of “chewing” helps regulate those with difficulty processing sensory input, and therefore needs an appropriate replacement form of chewing. It is important to provide safe alternatives that still meet the child’s need to chew.

Chewing on clothing and other items is a common sensory need of children with autism or sensory integration disorder. Some children have mild chewing needs and others can really be serious biters, practically bending metal with their teeth. Though the heavy jaw work of chewing may help to relieve stress and calm, it can also be intrusive, and damaging at times.

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