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Benefits of Special Interest Clubs

Perler Beads.jpgWe know that each child is unique. They each develop at their own pace. They each have their own strengths and challenges; their own group of friends and interests. It is often boredom that triggers certain behaviors in children. Day after day, children are likely to follow daily routines that require a high level of concentration and self-regulation. In our afterschool program, we want to provide the children with a designated space where they can unwind and be children. The clubs were implemented so that children could choose their own activities based on their interests rather than program leaders (educators) suggesting activities that don’t really interest them. Continue reading

A Career Built Upon Possibilities, Resources and Opportunities

SueA tribute to Susan Spence, Intake Coordinator (retiring December 2019)

Susan started her career as an Early Childhood Educator in Northern Ontario and later received her Early Childhood Resource Teacher Certificate as part of the first graduating class.

Susan’s career moved into different roles when she moved to Ottawa in the 1980s. First as an Educator at Thursday’s Child Nursery School (TCNS), then with an ODAMR specialized Preschool.  From there, Susan moved to Elsie Stapleford Day Care Centre which was operated by the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (RMOC). This program was one of the 15 programs in the City that was given the designation on their license to integrate children with special needs. This step launched her into her next role as the Coordinator of the Integrated Preschool Program for the RMOC. Susan worked to set up networking opportunities as well as resource support for all of the center-based Resource Teachers. Under that role, Susan was responsible for training opportunities and the creation of a Resource Library for the Resource Teachers.

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