Scattered to Focused

Smart strategies to improve our child’s executive functioning system

Written by Zac Grisham, a former elementary school teacher and certified ADHD specialist who is himself diagnosed with ADHD, this book is simple to read and well organized. It’s full of expert advice and actionable strategies that can help a child build the skills they need to thrive, both at school and at home.

Quick assessment quizzes, for yourself and for your child, set the stage to determine which executive skills you (and your child) show as areas of strength and weakness. This helps determine which chapter to focus your energy on. A chapter is dedicated to each executive skill with easy to understand explanations, suggestions and expert advice.

Topics covered:

  • Practicing self-control
  • Regulating emotions
  • Boosting memory and processing speed
  • Creating and following routines
  • Staying focused at home and in class
  • Managing time wisely
  • Building resilience

The author uses real life challenges and examples to show the strategies in a relatable manner. I recommend this book for parents of children with ADHD or other executive functioning differences aged 4 to 12. Whether you are new to your child’s diagnosis or just looking for new strategies to try, this book will give you common sense explanations and a variety of strategies to try with your child.

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Kim Legault
Training and Resource Coordinator
Children’s Inclusion Support Services