Making Transitions Fun

As Early Childhood Educators we have a whole slew of tricks up our sleeve, to help us ease the stress of transitions for both educators and children alike. Whether it be finger puppets, songs and/or lyrical poems; we were looking for something more permanent, to up our waiting game. Insert the ‘Hero’ of this story, a wall mounted Alligator busy board! To illustrate the amount of adoration we have for this piece of $269.99 equipment, I will quote one of my staff, “If we had known then what we know now, I would have donated my own money to the purchase of Ali, Alligator”.

The busy board was purchased from AVRON a Canadian school supply company; it is five separate panels that easily attach to the wall! Ours are all still attached to the wall after a year, with lots of enthusiastic use. There are many great learning components; puzzles, mazes, mirrors, magnets and musical instruments.

Our kids now race to the wait, there’s hope that yours can too!

*this model is not currently available on the website but other models are, view here.

Kate Hubble RECE, Director
North Gower Cooperative Nursery School