A Message from Tara Matte

Happy Anniversary to CISS and to the hundreds of people who make inclusion possible in Ottawa child care centres every day! This is a time to celebrate the dedication and caring that go into welcoming and including children with special needs in child care programs across the city. The training, support, strategies and equipment that we provide are only a small part of what makes up these inclusive child care experiences. Attitudes and beliefs of the child care staff are at the heart of these successful experiences. Teamwork, innovation and a willingness to do things differently are evident in every component of the child care day. From the initial intake with families to adaptations in daily routine that are starting to feel less like adaptations and more like something that has become a natural part of the day, the evolution over the past 30 years is truly remarkable!

Tara with bilingual Team Leader, Sylvie Giroux.

It is my sincere hope that we continue to evolve at this rate and that CISS can continue to play an integral role as a support to the people doing the very real and important work of making child care a great experience for all children.

Tara Matte, RECE
Children’s Inclusion Support Services