Supporting Transitions Using Visual Documentation

Why do we need visual documentation in our program?

This visual documentation highlights the children’s strengths and needs during their dressing routine. It is supportive for educators to respond to the diverse needs appropriately and help each child reach their full potential.

Examples of what you can read about children in our program:

·         Keep me motivated and tuned for the next activity.
·         Share your ideas and thoughts with me when helping me through this transition.
Talk to me about anything that may interest me.
·         I can dress / undress myself in less than 3 minutes.
·         When you do not see me doing it, I might want you to know that I need your attention too.
·         Turning the transition into a game is my favorite.
·         Hug me and celebrate my success when I accomplish the task.
·         When you adjust the environment using visuals to meet my needs, you are eventually helping me reach my full potential.
·         Total communication, modeling, and sometimes hand – over hand support are what I need to help me through this transition.
·         The first 5 Minutes of this transition are crucial to me.
·         You may find me very emotional and off my cubby very often. At this time, I may need to be comforted, held, and then motivated and supported with the 1st step during dressing/ undressing myself.
My interest varies each day!
·         You might need to figure out how to reach me everyday very differently.
·         I may need to care/ to be responsible for something special or have a helper job.
·         A visual timer is another tool that has been working for me.
·         You might also need to know that I will let you help me through any transition when you succeed to CONNECT to me insightfully.
·         When I seek you out to share a special time or toy with me, you will then know that you had acquired my trust that day.

Batol Mahmoud
ECE Assistant- Apprenticeship ECE student at Loyalist college
AFCS – Sunflower Childcare Centre – English Preschool Program