Outdoor Winter Heavy Work Activities for Kids

Providing deep proprioceptive sensory input through heavy work is a great way to calm your child’s body and there are lots of different heavy work activities that your child can do.

But maybe you’re looking for something new for your child to do since it’s winter?

This list of winter heavy work activities for kids to do outdoors in the snow is a great starting point if you are looking to sneak in some extra sensory diet activities this winter. So bundle those kids up and head outdoors for these simple, yet effective heavy work ideas!

Here’s a list of 20 fun ways for kids to sneak in some heavy work while playing outdoors in the snow:

1. Make a snowman
2. Make a snow angel
3. Pull someone or something in a sled
4. Pull a sled up a hill
5. Shovel snow
6. Bury your legs in the snow
7. Make a snow fort
8. Push or pull something through the snow
9. Dust the snow off of the car
10. Scrap ice off of sidewalks
11. Scrap ice off of car windows
12. Dig a hole in the snow
13. Jump on a snow covered trampoline
14. Sweep snow off of the trampoline
15. Have a snowball fight
16. Jump into a pile of snow
17. Make snowballs and stomp on them
18. Make a snow maze
19. Carry buckets filled with snow
20. Make a snow obstacle course

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Source: https://www.andnextcomesl.com/2019/01/winter-heavy-work-activities.html