From the CISS Equipment Library: The Benefits of Cause and Effect toys

One of the ways your Resource Consultant can support your program is by providing adaptive equipment to support inclusion. Cause and Effect toys are commonly used to support children during group and play activities. Playtime can be challenging for children who have limited play and social skills. During group time, switch toys (toys that have been adapted with a larger switch to make activating the toy easier for children with physical limitations) can help some children to participate to their full potential.

Why use Cause and Effect toys?

Cause and Effect toys are commonly used to support Infant and Toddler development. However, they are also used for preschool and older children with early and emerging play skills. These toys help children make the connection between cause and effect (doing one thing makes something else happen) and promotes curiosity. Cause and effect toys are a great concrete tool to build on a child’s engagement, joint attention, play skills, social and language skills and help increase the child’s ability to wait. These toys promote inclusion in the classroom by engaging the child in a functional activity.  

The Benefits:

  • Teaches children about the concept of cause and effect
  • Builds eye / hand coordination
  • Encourages curiosity
  • Promotes inclusion during group time (i.e. switch toys)
  • Builds on joint attention skills
  • Supports social skills i.e. taking turns, waiting for a turn, playing with multiple peers
  • Increases independence and sense of accomplishment
  • Facilitates language development
  • Gives children clear understanding of the expectation i.e. activities have a beginning, middle and end

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