From the CISS Equipment Library: The Benefits of Visual Timers

One of the ways your Resource Consultant can support your program is by providing adaptive equipment to support inclusion. Visual timers are commonly used supports for transitions and play activities. Transitions can be challenging for children when they need to leave a preferred activity or engage in a less preferred task. During play activities children may have challenges sharing toys with peers or waiting for a turn.

Why use visual timers?

Many children are beginning to understand the concept of time. Visual timers are a great concrete tool that show children the passage of time and how long “one minute” really is. It supports children’s understanding of changes within their routine, problem solving, cooperative skills, and reinforces positive behaviour management.

The Benefits:

  • Teaches children about the concept of time
  • Shows when challenging activities will end  
  • Helps children stay on task for a short amount of time
  • Eases stressful transitions by showing how much time they have left
  • Increases independence
  • Gives children clear understanding of the expectation

Available in the Equipment Library:

Sand Timers (On the left: 30 sec to 3 minutes, On the right: 5 to 30 minutes)
Egg Timer, Liquid Timer and Time Timer

No timers available? Download visual timer apps on your tablet or phone.

Time Timer

Children’s Countdown Timer

Purchase a visual timer:

For more information please contact your CISS Resource Consultant.