Beyond the Book Story Kits

Beyond the Book Story Kits are a great way to make stories come to life. The story kits are geared towards the toddler and preschool age groups. Each story kit comes in a soft bag which is labeled with the name of the book and the specific contents. Each kit contains a book, a tip sheet and concrete objects that relate to the specific story. Each tip sheet describes implementation strategies, considerations when using the story bags, benefits of including props or concrete objects during story time and tips on how to expand the story experience beyond story time to create more opportunities for learning.

Book: Welcome Fall
From Scholastics
Illustrated by Nancy Davis

This is a board book with large illustrations and minimal print with textured touch and feel pages. This book introduces children to the season of Fall. The story describes the change of color in leaves, fall clothing on windy days, eating apples and activities such as jumping in leaf piles. The small plush child, a bag of fabric leaves, a plastic apple, pear and apple pie slice that accompany the book pair well with the story and creates opportunities for further learning. 

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Kai Foster, RECE, RSW, MSW
Resource Consultant