Iris the Dragon; Good Mental Health at School, at work and the community

Iris the Dragon is a Canadian charity, based just outside of Ottawa. Their mission is to facilitate social inclusion for those living with mental health disabilities, and to improve mental health and wellbeing for all.

The main role of this charity is to produce low-cost, high impact tools to enhance mental wellness. They focus on people in different life stages, such as childhood, youth, parenthood, and old age using storytelling as the delivery system.

There are many children’s books that have been published including books about anxiety, ADHD, bullying, Bipolar disorder and more! You can search their library and download the PDF books for free by clicking on the following link:

Andrew Fleck/CISS has recently partnered with Iris Dragon to support their projects and provide information regarding the real-life experiences with children and families during the challenging times of COVID-19. We will be sure to share this new book with our readers when it comes out in the near future.