From the CISS Resource Library – Chewies

CISS has many varieties of Chewies to support children who find chewing calming to their bodies or decreases anxiety. The sensory need of “chewing” helps regulate those with difficulty processing sensory input, and therefore needs an appropriate replacement form of chewing. It is important to provide safe alternatives that still meet the child’s need to chew.

Chewing on clothing and other items is a common sensory need of children with autism or sensory integration disorder. Some children have mild chewing needs and others can really be serious biters, practically bending metal with their teeth. Though the heavy jaw work of chewing may help to relieve stress and calm, it can also be intrusive, and damaging at times.

Benefits of using Chewies

  • Supports the child’s sensory processing
  • Improves focus
  • Limits damage to clothing, toys and equipment
  • Can benefit speech by strengthening muscles in the mouth
  • Can be used for sensory desensitization to textures and sensations



Types of Chewies

T, P and Q Chewies- Easy to hold, come in different strengths for moderate to tough chewers.



Necklaces – Great for a child who may put down their chew and misplace it, keeps it convent and easy to find with breakaway cords for safety.




Coils – A fidget toy and chewy in one

Fabric chewie’s such as wristbands and collars – For clothing chewers


Where to buy

Scholar’s choice – (In store and online)

Tag along toys – (In store and online)

Kiddytown – (In store)

Munchables – (Online)

FDMT Canada – (Online)