If you are supporting the development of social emotional skills in your school age program…

Zach Rules!

Counselor, Psychotherapist, and Author Bill Mulcahy created this interactive series of stories to share with children about the everyday challenges of learning from our mistakes and getting along with others.

In each story, the strategies Zach learns appear on a child-friendly visual reminder like a kite, key, or star. Each solution is limited to four simple steps which, with your support, the children can take a STAR stand to end bullying, unlock the Key to Mistakes, follow the Frustration Triangle, navigate the Hang-In-There-Rings to success, and make the Four-Square Apology.

A teacher’s section at the end of each book includes a web link to printable templates to create and share with the children in your program.

Find them in the CISS Resource Library here.

Zach Apologizes

Zach Makes Mistakes

Zach Stands Up

Zach Gets Frustrated

Zach Hangs in There


Carolyn Lavigne, RECE
CISS Resource Consultant