The Anxiety Workbook for Kids

The Anxiety Workbook for Kids is a great tool for children and families to use in supporting the understanding of a child’s anxiety and how to work though it. The book provides an overview on what anxiety is and how the brain reacts when a person is in a state of anxiety. It speaks about the power of imagination and how your imagination can both be a part of what is causing anxiety and how it can help you to overcome it. The book is broken down into sections and each section is full of activities for the child and their family to use to support better understanding of the child’s anxiety/worries, the child’s strengths, and tools they can use when feeling anxious. I especially like the interview portion of the book which gives all members of the family the opportunity to discuss anxiety/worries and how it makes each individual feel. This book explores fun activities as a means to a conversation and understanding of the challenging topic of anxiety in children.

Find it in the CISS Resource Library here.

Meghan Hightower Smith, RECE, ECRT
CISS Resource Consultant