Trilogy: Dare! Tough! & Weird!

The Weird Series is geared towards school age children.  Frankel’s trilogy “Dare”, “Tough”, and “Weird” retells a single story of bullying from the unique perspective of three children in the same classroom. Characters include; Sam “the bully”, Luisa “the bullied”, and Jayla “the not-so-innocent bystander”.  These three books combine engaging illustrations and thoughtful child-friendly language. They share the internal journey of each child as they reflect on their feelings, challenge their ideas, and conquer their fears to become courageous, confident and kind friends.

Each individual story stands alone as an important conversation starter and is followed by pages of notes to “Parents, Teacher, and Other Caring Adults”.  Included are activity suggestions to engage children in their own quest to stand up for themselves and for others.  Recognized by children’s advocates, child experts, and authors concerned breaking the cycle of cruelty and bullying. Children young and old will be moved by Frankel’s books and the conversations they stimulate.

“For all children young and old, who have been involved in bullying.
Don’t lose sight of who you are.
Know yourself.
Be yourself.
And remember, your brightest star shines from within.”
(Dedication of Erin Frankel’s book, “Dare!”)

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Carolyn Lavigne, RECE
Resource Consultant, CISS