Nap Time Bins

Nap time bin.jpgAt La Coccinelle au coeur d’Ottawa, we noticed that as the number of non-sleeping children increased in our preschool group, we didn’t have enough quiet activities to go around. Additionally, the children were losing interest in the activities available in the playroom. We then came up with the idea of creating an activity storage bin system specifically for nap time.

These activities are chosen based on the following criteria: they are quiet, easy to understand and don’t include many pieces. Here are some examples: stacking, association, serialization games, special books, writing boards and puzzles. Activities can be as simple as a clipboard with white paper and pencils to bring out the children’s creativity. Possibilities are endless! The activities can help the children develop their cognitive and fine motor skills as well as their ability to play in an autonomous manner.

NapTimePictures.jpgEach activity is kept in a large plastic bag. A small picture of each activity is taken and then shown to help children make their choice. These activities are kept with the beds and are only used during nap time to keep them interesting.

After one hour of nap time, the educator offers the small box full of the activity pictures to the children that are not sleeping and allows them to choose an activity of their liking by picking out a photo. The children have the option to change activities once they have put their first one away. Since implementing this new system, children are getting familiar with the routine, interactions are done in a peaceful manner and children are showing great interest!

Louise Lajoie
Coordinator, RECE
La Coccinelle – Au cœur d’Ottawa