Fun with colanders

Colander_1.jpgObjective: Using familiar household objects in creative ways to engage children’s interests in learning.

Find an assortment of colanders at your local dollar store, made of plastic and/or metal, in different sizes and colors.

  1. Put in your water table or sensory bin to explore and strain big and small objects.
  2. Place a colander upside down on a metal tray. Have the children poke a variety of objects like straws, feathers, pipe cleaners, stir sticks or dowels. Draw the children’s attention to the sound the straws make when they hit the tray. Talk about which objects fit in the holes and which don’t.
  3. Have the children lace shoelaces, pipe cleaners, gimp, yarn etc. in and out of the holes of the colander to create designs. This is a good art activity for 2 or more children to work on together.
  4. Place a light source under an upturned colander and encourage the children to explore the dot patterns on their hands or other surfaces. Put marbles in a colander with a light source underneath and let the children look and touch and see the changing color patterns. Try these activities in a darkened room for extra impact.
  5. Display different sized colanders on the table and talk about how they fit together. Compare and match according to size and color.