Sensory Play

As an educator I found myself frequently volunteering to wash the dishes at the end of the day, it was the perfect stress reducer for me and gave me the opportunity to reflect on my day. Sensory play is not only important for children but for adults too!

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Three personal sensory bins with moon sand to allow children easy access and choice. These bins have lids to allow them to stack for easy storage in an accessible area to promote independence. – Fairview Child Care.

Here are a few video links with activity ideas:

Ice, Soap and Spaghetti
You can see how excited the adults are when they see what happens to Ivory soap in the microwave, it shows you do not have to be a child to benefit from sensory play!

Sensory Cards
How using budget friendly materials in a simple way can support learning opportunities through sensory play.

Infant/Toddler Activities
How to create sensory activities for different developmental needs. The significance of talking about the sensory experience as children learn through sensory play. Provide a model for children, expose them to new words and teach them what they mean.

Preschool Activities
Pairing learning with sensory experiences strengthens the learning connection.  Fun ideas to incorporate sensory play into everyday learning.

Sensory Texture Balloons
These balloons can be created in a school age program to create various sensory feelings.

School Age Activities
Developmentally appropriate sensory play ideas.

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The white bins contain pasta circles and the children are provided with small and large cups as well as a multitude of tongs, tweezers and scoopers to work on fine motor development. – Bells Corners Cooperative Preschool

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Large indoor sensory bin containing sand allows children to sit-in and enjoy the sensory experience from head to toe. Other sensory materials can also be used to engage children in play. – Fairview Child Care.

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