Setting Up your School Age Gym Environment

Our gym is set up to provide an inviting, relaxed and recreational environment with a variety of child centered and play based learning activities. The different areas are set up to reflect the expectations of the program and foster the well-being, belonging, expression and engagement of each child and the group, as a whole.  Well established routines help the children to comfortably and safely join or transition from one activity to the next.

Jackson Trail 1.jpgThe snack area is purposefully set up by the gym doors, to allow the educator to greet the children and their parents.  The construction area is at the centre of the gym, on a large carpet in order to encourage walking feet. There is also lots of room for the children to expand their play and continue adding to their structures.

Strategically placed at the far end of the gym is the dramatic play area as it tends to be a bit louder than the other areas and the children have the freedom to play, sing and just be louder if their play takes them down that road.

Jackson Trail 2.jpg


The creative area is on the side of the gym. The tables allow for good conversations to take place, and the practise and development of social skills such as turn taking, listening, problem solving and seeing another’s point of view.

Jackson Trail 3.jpg



Our book nook offers a quiet and cozy space with comfy chairs, a soft carpet and a variety of pillows where children can just relax, read and share a book, play cards, do crosswords or other sedentary activities.

Jackson Trail 4.jpg



The area for our safe place was chosen for the convenience of semi-privacy and to allow the child to gain control over their emotions. From anywhere in the room, this setup allows the educators to keep an eye on all the children.


Jackson Trails Early Learning Centre