A Leading Force of Inclusion

Wordle South TeamIn 1991 when Children’s Integration Support Services was formed, a unique role was created to support licensed child care programs with the integration of children with special needs. That role was then known as Integration Advisor.

The Integration Advisor’s primary role was to demonstrate to programs that a child is a child first, and that a child with a special need can integrate well into a community program when there is a strong partnership between the family, program, and community partners. Today Integration Advisors are known in the community as Resource Consultants. 

Our daily work encompasses building rapport with educators and home child care providers.  Through modelling and coaching, we demonstrate that by adapting and modifying activities, routines, and transitions, we set the stage for the possibilities of inclusion.

Through a collaborative approach, we exploit the potential of each child to reach their optimal development with input from parents/guardians, educators, home child care providers, and community partners. Resource Consultants facilitate and foster positive outcomes through different pathways such as the team service plan, training opportunities and presentations, transition to school, problem solving, and resource sharing.

This year, CISS celebrates 25 years of committed service in the community.  We are proud to highlight the role of the Resource Consultant who is a leading force of inclusion on the front lines.

Marie-Josée Landry, Pina Giovannitti and Sylvie Giroux
Resource Consultants, CISS