One Strategy at a Time

As teaching teams, we are facing the winds of change. Every day we are asked to do something new, use different techniques and meet the needs of everyone. Although we are all trained professionals, we sometimes forget some strategies that are very effective and useful to us.  After we give an instruction or a request, it is important to reflect to ensure that we have achieved the hoped-for success. Did we use the right strategy or why did the one we use not work? Should we review our strategies?

A good way to approach the situation is to discuss and practice the strategies as a team. At Children’s Integration Support Services, Behaviour Consultants and Resource Consultants review strategies on a monthly basis. The goal is to discuss strategies that have worked for some and not as well for others.

Prior to your team meetings, take a moment to choose a strategy that will be discussed as a team. When the strategy is chosen in advance, everyone can come prepared to discuss it. At the meeting, ask the teaching team to share scenarios where they have or can implement the strategy. People learn from one another. By working through the strategy as a team, it is easier to make it one’s own and to use it with confidence. As a team, you build on your experience and as a result your interventions are more effective. Have a great meeting!

Resource Consultant Team Leaders
Children’s Integration Support Services