Inclusion Ideas Corner – Setting Up Great Physical Spaces for School Age Children

Below are 2 pictures from a school age program that runs out of a gym. They have 5 minutes to set up, and aim to have a quiet area, table top activities and a help yourself bin with a variety of activities that is easy for the children to access. Staff regularly rotate items to keep the children’s interests.
Note: some tables, mats, as well as the small bench as used as a divider. Creative thinking!

Floor Toys

Free Art

The following pictures are from a program that runs the 9-11 year old group out of a classroom. They have a cupboard that they use to store very small items and they use a large trolley to bring activities and equipment up and down the elevator as the room is on the second floor.

This room is always quiet despite the fact that there are multiple children with significant challenges. The educator sets up 3 tables and the children are able to pick from the trolley. This group is so creative and the children are always engaged in activities. Amazing!

Book Corner

Planned Art

Board Games

The next 2 pictures are a “help yourself shelf”. The “help yourself shelf” may not be pretty but is organised enough so the children can access what they need.

Help Yourself Shelf

Help Yourself Shelf

The following picture is a block area with an instant dress up area added. It was added by quickly using a thin roll out carpet.