A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We all know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. For those of us in child care, this can be put to use and proven in many ways. Some programs use real pictures to welcome parents/guardians, children and visitors and to remind them that they belong and are valued members of the community. Others use pictures to introduce new toys and equipment and to provide suggestions of how to use them safely and creatively. Dramatic play can be greatly enhanced when real pictures of children using props and play materials are posted. This provides children with examples of how they can incorporate the use of props to extend their play. Pictures can also be used to enhance the daily log, parent/guardian notice boards as well as providing information regarding staff changes and upcoming events. They can be used to track curriculum planning and to document what the children did during the day at child care or while on an outing offsite. In addition, pictures can be used to help the children recall recent events and past experiences and to build the children’s understanding of their community and their world.  

Recently, an inclusive child care program chose to show a slideshow featuring one child at the beginning of his Team Service Plan meeting. In doing so, they illustrated the progress the child had made and showed his parents and other team members all of his successes at child care. In several snapshots they captured the child benefiting from their program by interacting with other children both indoors and outdoors during free play, circle and lunch and even when transitioning from one activity to another.  Now that’s truly worth a thousand words!

Resource Consultant Team Leaders
Children’s Integration Support Services