Inclusion Ideas Corner – Kindergarten Quiet Corner

Quiet CornerMorning drop off and daily transitions can be stressful for children.  In our Kindergarten program we realize that when a child leaves one environment and enters another or separates from their parents they may experience a variety of emotions. We have created a quiet corner to help children collect themselves, regroup and manage their emotions. This space accommodates one child at a time and encourages them to make use of the many quiet and calming activities. These can include: noise cancelling earphones, simple easy to read books about emotions, stress balls to squeeze, puppets/stuffed animals to cuddle and Kleenex™. Visuals are posted on the wall to prompt children to use coping skills that will help redirect their emotions. 

Lindsey Irvine, RECE and Shauna Bromfield
Taggart Family YMCA-YWCA
Kindergarten Program