Inclusion Ideas Corner – Smooth Transitions

Smooth transitions, whether they are big or small, start with consistency and repetition. Here are some ideas:

• Make up a song for each transition sung to familiar tunes. Consistently sing the same song for each transition. This supports the children to make a link between the song and the expectation of the routine.
• During long wait periods, provide a small bin or basket of hand held toys for the children to choose from while they wait their turn.
• Another great resource for waiting times is the use of song boards. Create small picture representations of the children’s favourite songs. You can place the pictures on a felt board or laminated construction paper. Give each child a turn to choose their favourite song.

These are just a few great techniques used with all children in my preschool group.

Written by Katarina Gabor, RECE
Dr. Ernest Couture Day Care Centre