Inclusion Ideas Corner

At the Glen Cairn Co-op Preschool, picture cards are used in daily routines with all the children. After tidy up, some children are given a picture card of “hand washing” to give to the educator in the bathroom. This gives the child a task that helps keep them on track when going to the bathroom to wash their hands. After hand washing the children are given a snack picture card to give to the adult at the snack table. This strategy can be used to support many child care routines.
– Tanya Terrade, Resource Consultant

At the Florence Child Care Centre, they use colour matching to direct children to learning centres. Educators use this strategy during the transition from lunch time to sleep time. Activities are set up on four tables. Each table has a colour code “red”, “blue”, “yellow” and “green”. After lunch the children wash their hands and as they leave the washroom, they are given a small colour card. This card shows them which table they are to go to. This strategy reduces wandering and the quiet activity helps to calm the children before they lie down on their beds.
– Lisa Sletcher, Resource Consultant

At La Coccinelle Saint-Guillaume, at the beginning of every week during circle, every child chooses a necklace with a picture of a trade to identify what will be his/her trade and responsibilities for the week. For example, the electrician is responsible for the lights and the tidy-up signals, the cook helps to serve the food during the meals and to prepare snacks, the inspector ensures that everything is in its place, the artist helps to prepare and to tidy up the art materials, etc. The children wear their necklace with pride and write their name on the trade’s board.
– Anjou Delplancke, Resource Consultant