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Where Are They Now: A Parent’s Story

Like all parents, I always wondered how I would react if one day I learned that my child had special needs or suffered from a serious illness. This is what happened to my husband and me, and here is our story.

We are parents of Congolese origin with two young girls who have been developing typically. We also have a son named Kihinda. We began to have concerns about his development when we noticed that at age two, he was not yet putting together two word phrases. Continue reading

All Aboard with Robbie

Robbie’s journey began on June 21, 1995. He was born a healthy baby boy, 8 lbs 8 oz with beautiful red hair. It wasn’t too long afterwards that we saw signs that Robbie’s travel through life would have road blocks both developmentally and medically. Robbie was diagnosed at Child Development Services (CHEO) in September 1996. This stop lead Robbie to Infant Stimulation, occupational, speech & physiotherapy as well as Children’s Integration Support Services. Robbie is now a handsome young man with global delays along with various medical concerns. 

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