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10 Tips for Music and Movement

1. Include musical instruments in the play environment where children can have free access to them.
2. Celebrate children’s musical activity. Praise them for their musical efforts, don’t just label it as noise. Write down the words to the songs they make up or record them.
3. Offer opportunities to experience many kinds of music (e.g. encourage families to share music and instruments from their culture).
4. Sing and recite poetry and nursery rhymes often. Continue reading

Inclusion Ideas Corner – Tactile exploration activity

Here is a multi-sensory activity that can help you meet the various needs of all children in your group while working on language, turn taking and motor skills. This activity could be used during circle or be available for the children during free play.

Find a large box with a lid. Cut a square hole in the side and cover loosely with fabric or paper so that the children can’t see what is in the box but can still reach in. Continue reading

Survival Techniques for Parents/Guardians

  • Organize your life using agendas and calendars.
  • Use resource libraries (e.g. CISS library, CHEO library, particular associations).
  • Use documents such as All About Me of the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) and Intake Form of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) to communicate information about what the school board really needs to know about your child when entering school.
  • Register children with Autism with the Ottawa Police registry (   Continue reading

Families of Children with Special Needs: What About the Siblings?

Often parents ask what they can do to make sure that their other children are getting all that they need within the hustle and bustle of a family where the brother or sister has a disability. As with other suggestions about what it takes to do a good job as a parent, it is important to remember that there is no magic formula that works for all families or in all situations. Continue reading

The Bead Counter, it Worked for Us

At the Centre éducatif les petits pinceaux, we had a chance to implement several strategies recommended by the behaviour consultant, Jocelyne Desbiens, from Children’s Integration Support Services (CISS) through the Positive Outcomes Program (POP). We implemented the bead counter strategy to support skill development and positive reinforcement of children.

The Concept
The bead counter is a set of beads strung on a thread which slide freely from top to bottom. Each and every time the child moves a bead, he/she is reminded and praised for the desired behaviour.Bead Counter Example Continue reading