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Transition to School

Resource Consultants at CISS are fortunate to support parents with transitioning their child to school. This year, when mentioning the word “enrollment” more parents than previous years have been questioning whether their child should begin their journey to school. We empathize with parents that the uncertainty of what September will bring can be daunting. We recognize that this year is definitely more overwhelming than most for families to work through the transition to school process. But overwhelming doesn’t mean impossible!

We are here to support you. In addition to our newly improved Transition to School Toolkit, we’ve created a tip sheet addressing common transition to school concerns. Please see the links below to related articles and resources and connect with your Resource Consultant to begin the transition to school conversation.

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Masks On. Let’s talk!

We live in an unprecedented time. Information and research on mask-wearing and its impact on child development are limited. To be frank: there is almost none. As new information trickles in, parents and adults working with children have to make the best decision based on the information at hand at the time, even if we wish we had more information to better guide us.

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Routines: Get Kids Ready for Language Learning and for School

As the back-to-school preparations are ramping up, parents are thinking on how to best prepare their child for school. Parents all wonder how their little one will fair off. We secretly hope that everything we have done for them since birth will have given them the tools needed to continue to grow, learn and be ready for school. 

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Ways to Respond When Your Child Says: “I’m Bored!”

As we all walk (or sit) through the fight against COVID-19 we are hearing our children say, “I’m bored” more than ever. While the online world offers a myriad of options and parents have never-ending to-do lists, keeping our children involved and engaged is a priority as we adapt to this new normal. To help you through this, we have compiled 7 ways to respond when your child says, “I’m bored!”
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